November 2014 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes

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By , November 13, 2014




1) Supervisor Roddy called meeting to order at  7:05   p.m. at the Greenbush Township Hall.  2  guests were present and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


2) ROLL CALL                       PRESENT                   ABSENT

Supervisor                   Ed Roddy

Clerk                              David Dailey

Treasurer                     Pat Dailey

Trustee                         Sally Olin

Trustee                         Gary Abraham


3) Agenda- Supervisor Roddy- please add election update to new business

Motion to approve the agenda as amended – Clerk Dailey /Olin_ – all ayes – motion carried


4) Minutes- Supervisor Roddy-

Motion to approve the minutes as amended -  Abraham_/Olin_ – all ayes – motion carried


5) Public Comments- none


6) Financial Report- Treasurer P. Dailey- $40,904.88 general fund, $ 127,829.66 road fund, $ 84,849.66 fire fund, $ 27,225.86 Prince Dr., $481.25 GRAC

Motion to approve the financial report and place on file for audit _Clerk Dailey /Abraham_ – roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried


7) Presentation of Bills- Clerk D. Dailey- payroll ck’s#15743-15757 $4402.11 , bills ck’s# 15740-15773 $4,982.77 .

Motion to approve the bills as presented  Abraham /Olin_ -roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried.


8) Miscellaneous Reports-

  1. Constable (Parent)- Red Rooster closed and license still in escrow, Lakewood Shores closed for the season, Cedar Lake Grocery & Lakeside Superette are compliant.
  2. County Commissioner (Brummund)- no report
  3. Fire Chief (Franks)- 0 fire, 7 first responder, putting new batteries in the fire trucks and maintenance being taken care of.
  4. Zoning Administrator (Major)- 9 permits, 1 complaints – business use permit was submitted and discussed the planning commission decision.

Motion to approve the permit for home business from Valerie Keller _Clerk Dailey_/_Abraham_- roll call vote – all ayes – motioned carried

  1. Hall Rental (Roddy)- no new inquiries
  2. Assessor (Schwickert)- has received the new info on tax assessing- some discussion/explanation, she is asking for permission to submit a letter in response to the state of Michigan for the letter of default from them.
  3. GRAC(Olin)- parks are closed up for the winter, commended the job that was done this year.
  4. Planning Commission (Milwrick)- hoping to finish in December and be able to present to the board in January 2015. Discussion on bidding out the printing of the finalized project, 12 copies should be made, try to collect all of the old to get them out of circulation.
  5. Road Commission (Campbell)- salt is in, when it snows, please slow down


9) Correspondence-

  1. Supervisor Roddy- SBS portals info received


10) Pending Business-

  1. Update on IRS situation – December 11th is when Clerk Dailey is going to their office.
  2. Park Grant-the information that was requested has been sent.


11) New Business-

  1.  Election report- thank you to the election workers all went well.
  2.  MTA Chapter Meeting-pension plans were discussed.


12) Public comment- resident asked about the park in pending business, maybe fire department should get a new coffee pot for the board and anyone else that would like to use it at Township Hall, resident questioned cost/bidding for planning commission-could it be done in-house? Some discussion.


13) Motion to adjourn _Clerk Dailey_/Treasurer Dailey_ at _7:50_ p.m.- roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried



David W. Dailey

Greenbush Township Clerk

cc: Board/Attorney


Note: Published prior to board approval – Next regular scheduled meeting Tuesday December 9, 2014 at the Greenbush Township Hall

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