August 2014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

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By , August 13, 2014




1) Supervisor Roddy called meeting to order at  7:00   p.m. on August 12, 2014 at the Greenbush Township Hall. _Eight (8) guests were present and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


2) ROLL CALL                       PRESENT                   ABSENT

Supervisor                   Ed Roddy

Clerk                              David Dailey

Treasurer                     Pat Dailey

Trustee                                                             Sally Olin

Trustee                         Gary Abraham


3) Agenda- Supervisor Roddy-

Motion to approve the agenda as written- _Treasurer Dailey_/Clerk Dailey  – Olin absent, all ayes – motion carried


4) Minutes- Clerk D. Dailey-

Motion to approve the minutes as written _Treasurer Dailey /Clerk Dailey  – Olin absent, all ayes –  motion carried


5) Public Comments- resident questioned property on US 23 that has had some problems with her and her family as to if this is zoned to be a rental, much discussion.


6) Financial Report- Treasurer P. Dailey- $ 79,248.40 general fund, $127,783.74 road fund, $ 83,886.89 fire fund, $ 27,649.10 Prince Dr., $ 481.19 GRAC. October 28thMTA chapter meeting will be held at Greenbush Township Hall.

Motion to approve the financial report and place on file for audit Clerk Dailey_/Abraham_ – roll call vote – Olin absent, all ayes – motion carried


7) Presentation of Bills- Clerk D. Dailey- Millages all passed, election went well, absentee ballot requests need to be submitted to Clerk Dailey for the November 4, 2014 election. ck#15617-15633 payroll $4136.68, ck#15590-15635 $10,995.84 general bills.

Motion to approve the bills as presented _Abraham_/Clerk Dailey_ – roll call vote- Olin absent, all ayes – motion carried


8) Miscellaneous Reports-

  1. Constable (Parent)- Liquor stores all compliant, Red Rooster still in escrow
  2. County Commissioner (Brummund)- Alcona County Fair 08/18/14-08/23/14, County Local Emergency Planning Commission at the fairgrounds @ 1:00 on Thursday, Forgotten Eagles came through- thank you to everyone who put their flags out and waved, Cedar Lake improvement board has bought the 56+ acres west of Cedar Lake Rd and North of Kings Corner, thank you to all the voters that voted.
  3. Fire Chief (Franks)- 8 first responder calls, 0 Fire calls, Chicken BBQ went well thank you, thank you for voting for the Fire Department millage.
  4. Zoning Administrator (Major)- 3 complaints, 4 permits, addressed the letter for the questioned easement complaint from last month and supplied the board with a copy of the letter to and from the Township attorney stating that Greenbush Township cannot do anything that the home owner must contact their own attorney, he will also send one to the home owner that submitted the letter. Holmes property report was given must be inspected one more time.
  5. Hall Rental (Roddy)- no inquiries.
  6. Assessor (Schwickert)- BOR meeting in July went well, there is going to be an opening on the Board of Review, anyone interested please call.
  7. GRAC (Olin)- absent, Clerk Dailey expressed happiness with what has been done at the Township Hall with the landscaping.
  8. Planning Commission (Milwrick)- have gone to 2 meetings per month.
  9. Road Commission (Campbell)-


9) Correspondence-

  1. Supervisor Roddy- Quilt Square at Spencer Park renewal letter received, if no objections Supervisor Roddy will renew.
  2. Clerk Dailey-
  3. Miscellaneous-


10) Pending Business-

  1. Update on IRS situation- letter read from IRS, some discussion.
  2. Bids for staining Gazebo- still have not received, both people submitting state they cannot fix with cedar shakes. Clerk Dailey will ask for bids to be in steel and on dimensional shingles.


11) New Business-

  1. Dust Preventive Measures- resident looking for dust control assistance on Wissmiller (east of Coville). Much discussion including S. Poorfarm. Clerk Dailey will talk to the Road Commission about both roads.
  2. Quilt Square at Spencer Park – done


12) From the floor- none


13) Motion to adjourn _Abraham_/Clerk Dailey_ _7:55_p.m. – roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried



David W. Dailey

GreenbushTownship Clerk

cc: Board/Attorney


Note: Published prior to board approval – Next regular scheduled meeting Tuesday September 9, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m. @ the Greenbush Township Hall.

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