March 2014 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes

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By , March 13, 2014




1) Supervisor Roddy called meeting to order at  7:00   p.m. at the Greenbush Township Hall.  Six (6)  guests were present and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


2) ROLL CALL                       PRESENT                   ABSENT

Supervisor                   Ed Roddy

Clerk                              David Dailey

Treasurer                     Pat Dailey

Trustee                         Sally Olin

Trustee                         Gary Abraham


3) Agenda- Supervisor Roddy- add resolutions 1401-1404, remove approve 2014-15 budget, add hazard and litigation plan, & add ACCOA kitchen concerns.

Motion to approve the agenda as amended– _Clerk Dailey_ /Olin  -roll call vote- all ayes- motion carried


4) Minutes- Clerk D. Dailey-

Motion to approve the minutes as written _Olin_ / Treasurer Dailey_ all ayes- motion carried


5) Public Comments- none


6) Financial Report- Treasurer P. Dailey- $34,088.79 general fund, $105 600.65 road fund, $93,163.90 fire fund, $25,719.95 Prince Rd, $481.05 GRAC

Motion to approve the financial report and place on file for audit _Olin_/Clerk Dailey_ – motion carried


7) Presentation of Bills- Clerk D. Dailey- payroll ck#15347-15361 $4,619.01, bills ck# 15345-15380 $9,314.27, 1 check voided 15375.

Motion to approve the bills as presented _Olin_/Clerk Dailey _ – roll call vote – all ayes- motion carried


8) Miscellaneous Reports-

1.  Constable (Parent)- Red Rooster & Lakewood Shores closed and licenses still in escrow, price change in Feb. 2014 both party stores inspected and are good.

2.  County Commissioner (Brummund)- Library NOAA statistics read, Humane society will not be selling dog licenses anymore, Thunder Bay Transit has 2 new “green” busses running, 8 of the 12 wells on old landfills will be closed, Homeland Security money report, looking for a DHS board member contact John Keller in DHS office in Alpena or Carolyn Brummand, April 26, 2014 9:00-3:00 for the first Farmer’s market and the Spring to Summer Expo both will be at the Alcona Recreation Area in Lincoln.

3.  Fire Chief (Franks)- 0 fire, 6 first responder, siren is still not hooked up due to weather, will be attending classes in Alpena. Asked about Charter: phone, internet, and cable will be $142.55 total + $84.96 to add to Town Hall, Steve stated that he only pays $54.00.

            Motion to approve Charter phone and internet to the Greenbush         Township Hall and update the Greenbush Township Fire Department     phone, internet, and cable if they will keep the price closer to what          they pay now-  Olin / Clerk Dailey – roll call vote – all ayes – motion         carried.

4.  Zoning Administrator (Major)- 0 permits, 0 complaints, update read.

5.  Hall Rental (Roddy)- 1 turned in, Historical Society is asking for the Hall to be donated in May, June, July, & August for community euchre tournaments- board members all agreed to donate.

6.  Assessor (Schwickert)- info given by Supervisor Roddy about veteran tax exclusion.

7.  GRAC (Olin)- no report.

8.  Planning Commission (Milwrick)- report by Clerk Dailey still working with NEMCOG upped the hours to 6:00-9:00 first Thursday of each month, there really will not be a whole lot to report for a couple more months.

9.  Road Commission (Campbell)- report by Abraham- engineering firm has been hired and is going through everything.


9) Correspondence-

1.  Supervisor Roddy- Carl Levin letter is available for public review. District Health Department letter received bathing beach testing was done with no cost to the Township.

2.  Clerk Dailey- handed out letter about property tax assessments and how to lower them. NEMCOG letter. Humane Society asking for a $50.00 membership renewal- bring back in April.

3.  Miscellaneous- none


10) Pending Business-

A.    Update on IRS situation- no change

B.     Millage Decision- Patti Truman was given the wording for the previous year millages to check and change, then it will go to Dave Cook for his review.


11) New Business-

A.    Budget Amendments for 2014-15 resolutions 1401-1404 from February were legal so they have been adopted as of February.

B.     Approve 2013-14 budget amendments- motion to approve the budget amendments as presented  Olin / Clerk Dailey – roll call vote – motion carried

C.     NEMCOG hazard mitigation plan resolution read, board questioned why would we have to sign a Township plan if the County has already signed one- Carolyn Brummand will research more and bring info back to the April meeting.

D.    ACCOA kitchen concerns- explanation was given as to why they are asking for a water softener or filter system, as an example the dishwasher top sprayer has to be cleaned every day or every other day to get the rust out to make it run efficiently, think of the pipes and what work has been done to them in the past couple years, they are bringing water from Lincoln for the coffee machine and water for cooking, cold water once running has a very strong smell. Board asked if ACCOA would be willing to split the cost- yes they will- Clerk Dailey will get 3 estimates and report back when received.


12) From the floor- 1) Robert Kennedy introduced himself, running for Michigan House of Representatives for District 106, born in Lincoln, family owned business in Oscoda for 35 years, graduated from Oscoda schools & went to Michigan State University , served 6 ½ years on tour with the Michigan National Guard while starting his teaching career of 37 ½ years in Oscoda, touched on pre K- 12 school funding, public schools need to be public, long term energy plan – look at renewable energy, work toward long term funding for our roads, broadband connectivity, part time state legislature, local issue availability. 2) Guest asked about phragmites, was told about the blanket permit.


13)  Motion to adjourn   Abraham /Clerk Dailey    8:28   - roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried



David W. Dailey

Greenbush Township Clerk

cc: Board/Attorney



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