March 2015- Regular Board Meeting Minutes

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By , March 13, 2015




1) Supervisor Roddy called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on March 10, 2015 at the Greenbush Township Hall. 1 (one) guest was present and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


2) ROLL CALL                       PRESENT                   ABSENT

Supervisor                   Ed Roddy

Clerk                              David Dailey

Treasurer                     Pat Dailey

Trustee                                                             Sally Olin

Trustee                                                             Gary Abraham


3) Agenda- Supervisor Roddy-

Motion to approve the agenda as written- _Clerk Dailey_/_Treas Dailey_ -roll call vote – all yeas – motion carried


4) Minutes- Clerk D. Dailey-

Motion to approve the minutes as written _Treas Dailey_/_Clerk Dailey_- motion carried


5) Public Comments- none


6) Financial Report- Treasurer P. Dailey- general fund $75,390.61, road fund $138,483.84, fire fund $89,980.06, Prince Drive $29,201.69, GRAC $481.31.

Motion to approve the financial report and place on file for audit _Clerk Dailey_/_Roddy_ – roll call vote – Olin & Abraham absent, all yeas – motion carried


7) Presentation of Bills- Clerk D. Dailey- ck#15912-15925 payroll $3,693.45, ck#5906-15942 general bills $8,738.31.

Motion to approve the bills as presented _Clerk Dailey_/_Roddy_ – roll call vote – Olin & Abraham absent, all yeas – motion carried


8) Miscellaneous Reports-

1.  Constable (Parent)- Lakeside Superette and Cedar Lake Grocery are compliant,

2.  County Commissioner (Brummund)- May 16th 2015 County wide clean up at the fairgrounds in Lincoln, Mitchell township ORV trail usage excluded some roads, Harbortown Marketplace still has openings, Spring expo April 25, 2015 10:00-1:00 $5.00 per table, new sanitary code takes place late April or May, emergency food and shelter program report given meeting March 11, 2015 @ 10:00 am, substance abuse report was given & available by request.

3.  Fire Chief (Franks)- 0 fires, 2 first responders, leak on #1 truck has been found and is being fixed, DNR testing was done.

4.  Zoning Administrator (Major)- 0 complaints, 0 permits.

5.  Hall Rental (Roddy)- 1 rental, 1 booking 04/18/15,

6.  Assessor (Schwickert)- absent

7.  GRAC (Olin)- not open

8.  Planning Commission (Milwrick)- no meeting


9) Correspondence-

1.  Supervisor Roddy- elected officials meeting on March 18th.

2.  Clerk Dailey-

3.  Miscellaneous- Greenbush Township Clean-up will be done the weekend of before Mother’s Day and drop off will be at the Travis Sanitation site, posters and signs will be put out.


10) Pending Business-

A.    Update on IRS situation given.

B.     Proposal for revising Greenbush Township Master Plan was put in motion to use NEMCOG for revising our Greenbush Township Master Plan- Treas. Dailey / Clerk Dailey – roll call vote- Olin & Abraham absent, all yeas- motion carried.

C.     Budget Amendments- were reviewed and talked about.


11) New Business-

A.    Historical Society Water Usage- Jane Meyers would like to use the water from the Township Hall to clean up the School for painting.

B.     Motion to approve Board of Review Members Fran Barber, Rosemary Myrick, & Stan Sufnar, Zoning Board of Appeals new members Jason Wrusch & Tim Giannetti, & Planning Commission member Tim Giannetti, Clerk Dailey / Treas. Dailey- Olin & Abraham absent, all yeas – motion carried

C.     New Zoning Board of Appeals Members

D.    New Planning Commission Member


12) From the floor- 5 min, questioned the Budget meeting minutes about the ACCOA, W-2 questions w/ fixing the IRS info, website questions


13) Motion to adjourn _Treas Dailey_/_Clerk Dailey_ _8:15_p.m. – roll call vote – all yeas – motion carried



David W. Dailey

Greenbush Township Clerk

cc: Board/Attorney


Note: Published prior to board approval – Next regular scheduled meeting Tuesday April 14, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m. @ the Greenbush Township Hall.

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