June 2014 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes

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By , June 11, 2014




1) Supervisor Roddy called meeting to order at 7:00  p.m. at the Greenbush Township Hall on June 10, 2014, 17 (seventeen) guests were present and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


2) ROLL CALL                       PRESENT                   ABSENT

Supervisor                   Ed Roddy

Clerk                              David Dailey

Treasurer                     Pat Dailey

Trustee                         Sally Olin

Trustee                         Gary Abraham


3) Agenda- Supervisor Roddy- please add election meeting to new business July 8th, 2014 @ 6:30

Motion to approve the agenda as amended-  Clerk Dailey /Olin_ – all ayes – motion carried


4) Minutes- Clerk D. Dailey-

Motion to approve the minutes as written _Clerk Dailey_/Treasurer Dailey_ – all ayes – motion carried


5) Public Comments- resident believes that there was not a proper reason to go into closed session, please check for an opening meeting act violation


6) Financial Report- Treasurer P. Dailey- $ 78,631.35 general fund, $ 125,071.71 road fund, $ 103,118.34 fire fund, $ 27,648.63 Prince Rd, $ 481.13 GRAC, some discussion about properties that are in default, tax bills will be out July 1, 2014

Motion to approve the financial report and place on file for audit _Abraham_/Clerk Dailey_ – roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried


7) Presentation of Bills- Clerk D. Dailey- payroll ck#15526-15536 for $3,128.21 & bills ck#15494-15537 for $22,934.03.

Motion to approve the bills as presented  Abraham /Olin_ -roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried.


8) Miscellaneous Reports-

  1. Constable (Parent)- Red Rooster closed and license still in 2nd year escrow, Lakewood Shores, Cedar Lake Grocery, & Lakeside Superette are inspected and good.
  2. County Commissioner (Brummund)- Alcona county stopped waving permits for all building a few years ago and building departments shall now go case by case by local government, Aug 7, 2014 Forgotten Eagles will be coming through Greenbush from Oscoda- they say Alcona is the friendliest county that they come through, at the annual Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport  Zoning board Lyn Smith gave report and that will be provided to Greenbush zoning & planning committees may check with Nancy Schwickert for a report at next months meeting,
  3. Fire Chief (Franks)-  0 fire, 7 first responder, active 911 that sends texts to phones is working well, new computer will be bought for the fire department to replace computer from 2002
  4. Zoning Administrator (Major)-  no report
  5. Hall Rental (Roddy)- some inquiries, no rentals
  6. Assessor (Schwickert)- no report
  7. GRAC(Olin)- parks are getting taken care of, working though winter problems
  8. Planning Commission (Milwrick)- still working, some discussion
  9. Road Commission (Campbell)- still working on plans for the new building, summer work keeping them busy


9) Correspondence-

  1. Supervisor Roddy- none
  2. Clerk Dailey- read a letter from the IRS- postponing more paperwork until further investigation is done on their part, letter about S. Poor Farm Road- will talk about under new business.
  3. Miscellaneous- none


10) Pending Business-

  1. Update on the IRS situation- just read correspondence
  2. Election hearing meeting –July 8th @ 6:30 @ Greenbush Township Hall


11) New Business-

  1. Bid for staining gazebo- no bids turned in
  2. S. Poor Farm Road- the letter read from residents on S. Poor Farm Road will be sent to Road Commission- residents expressed the concern about the drains not working- materials that should be used- the way that the road drains – ditches are there but they are full of rubbish – board stated that we need to get this to the Road Commission so that they can hear the concerns that everyone has, this will be on the agenda for the month of July, much discussion.


12) Public comments – 5 min – Holmes would like to know why the township is in their private business now & updated the board with the court situation and ruling, residents expressed their concerns about the outside of the home, much discussion. Resident questioned dust control with township help- that will be put in the letter to the road commission, is there anything that can be done to help pay for the dust control that they apply?


13) Motion to adjourn _Abraham_/Treasurer Dailey_ at _8:00_ p.m.- roll call vote – all ayes – motion carried



David W. Dailey

Greenbush Township Clerk

cc: Board/Attorney


Note: Published prior to board approval – Next regular scheduled meeting Tuesday July 8, 2014 at the Greenbush Township Hall

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